Personal Trainer Rates

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Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) Rates

Clients Per Group. Base Fee Per Session Pkg of 6 Pkg of 12
1 $45 $257 $486
2 $40 $228 $432
3 $35 $200 $378
4 $30 $171 $324
5 or more $25 $143 $279

*Receive 50% Off Your Initial Training Session*

*All packages include basic nutritional guidance*

*Skulpt Body assessment: Up to 24-point body scan analysis with muscle quality and body fat report*

*Purchase a package of 6 or more sessions and receive the Portion Fix System* (1)

*Corporate Fitness/Wellness Programs available*

Each session is approximately 30- 40 minutes in length with 10 minutes of preparation time. Each package is based on 2-3 sessions a week. All fees are paid in advance.

PAR-Q Intake Forms

Coach Love provides services for all levels of fitness, from beginners to professional athletes.  This includes one-on-one and group training, boot camps, public speaking events and fitness presentations, and in-home Beachbody fitness programs such as P90X, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, PiYo, Turbo Fire, Body Beast, etc.  In addition, Coach Love also provides nutritional counseling and products.
Coach Love specifically trains clients with a well-designed program of physical activity and nutritional guidance that includes:
  • Strengthening
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Proprioceptive Training
  • Improving range of motion
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Balancing extremity strength
  • Increasing muscular endurance
  • Increasing cardiovascular function
  • Post-Activation Potentiation training
  • Plyometric training
  • Kettle bell training
  • TRX suspension training
  • Self-myofascial release training







Insanity Certified BW






(1) The system includes seven specially designed food containers. Each one corresponds to an essential food group and is precisely measured to deliver just the right amount of nutrition, ensuring the body gets exactly what it needs in the right amounts. Plus, it includes an easy-to-follow eating plan with delicious foods and recipes that put weight loss goals on the fast track!



**Cancelation policy: A personal training slot/session has been reserved for you, to guarantee this time, payment must be made in advance. Should you need to cancel, 24 hours notice is required – failure to provide advance notice will incur a cancellation fee equal to the cost of the session. Emergency cancellations (less than 24 hour notice) may be rescheduled and the cancellation fee waived, at the discretion of the trainer.


  1. Coach Love trained me for a furture that I did know I had in myslef. He also trained one of the hardest, most quiet and active special operations units in the world. His dedication to each team member and installation of belief’s in ones’ self allowed me and my team mates to achieve our physical standards, STANDARDS, that few can achieve and excel in. His core foundation of mental and physical belief’s will propel any person into a great condition.

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