Good girl!

Very early in my Marine Corps career, I was taught that if you are caught in a near ambush (meaning the enemy is very close in a sneak attack), then you turn towards them, firing your weapon, and assault through. I’ve been out of the Corps for awhile now, but this training technique became a natural reaction without me even thinking about it just recently. Here is the scenario…a few days ago, after doing a Turbo Fire ab routine, I decided to go for a jog in my neighborhood to burn some extra calories. About a mile or so into the run, out of the blue, a full grown female pit bull comes charging at me with a vicious snarl. With a split-second decision, I had to figure out if running from this “near ambush” was in my best interest. As I instantly assessed the situation, I realized that there was nowhere to go, and since she was so close, running away wasn’t an option. Heck, I had already run over a mile anyway. Besides, my mother taught me at an early age not to run from a fight. 🙂

So I did what seem to come naturally, I turned towards her, point my finger (the only weapon I had with me) and in my best Sgt Love command voice yelled “NO!!!! Get back over there!” And to my surprise and relief, she listened. As she tucked her tail between her legs, it gave me a little more confidence. Heck I even motioned towards her, which made her run back to her yard and on her porch. With an even more confident command voice I said, “Now sit and stay!” And guess what she did it… “Good girl!” Then I slowly moved away and continued my expedition. Obviously my little pit bull friend was a well trained dog, and I’ve been around dogs most of my life so I don’t have a fear of them. But this little incident just goes to prove how much safer it is to workout in your own home. The only attack dog I have in my living room is my wife’s 300 pound Chihuahua, Eight Ball. Now Eight Ball really isn’t 300 pounds, but he walks around with the attitude that he is, and we just don’t have the heart to tell him that he’s not the big dog on the block. Even on a good day, he wouldn’t break the 7 pound barrier. The worst that has ever happen to me in my living room was a lick-attack from him while I’m doing superman-bananas.

Running and other outside training is a great way to stay fit, but sometimes staying in your living room, pressing the play button, and doing a Turbo Fire, P90X, or Insanity, is much safer. Then, the only dog you have to worry about is your own.