That Thing is a Liar!

Not too long ago, I met with a client to do a 30-day assessment. For the last 30 days, she has been doing RevAbs, an in-home 90-day fitness program that I recommended to her. This 30-day assessment included taking measurements and weighing in. Part of her support group during this journey has been her 7-year old daughter, who was there from the beginning as my miniature assistant. From day one, I gave my little helper specific instructions to make sure her mom gets up every morning to workout, and to let me know if she does not. Although she has missed a few days here and there, overall, she has been really committed to sticking with the program. As my client step off the scale for this second meeting, her first question was how much weight did I lose? Before I could answer her question, my little assistant, her daughter blurted out…”That thing (as she pointed to the scale) is a LIAR!!!” After we all had a few chuckles, I thought about what she said, and agreed with her, “You now what, you are absolutely right, that scale is a liar”.
Far too many people rely solely on weight loss, the scale, as an indicator of success in a fitness program. However, there are other markers that we need to pay attention to as well. First, is our measurements or the loss of inches. This client’s weight barely changed. However, she lost a total of 4 inches overall! She also admitted that her clothes have started to fit a little looser.
Second, is tracking body fat and lean muscle mass. This was the best indicator of progress for my client, and even more proof that my young assistant was correct. In 30 days, my client lost a significant amount of body fat, while gaining lean muscle mass. And as we know muscle burns fat, so her new body is becoming more efficient at burning fuel. She has even noticed the increase in her metabolism.
Next, is how do we look and feel? It is a great idea to take before and after photos. Because you see yourself everyday, you may not notice the gradual changes in your body. Having photos of your old self will also help you stay focused on success.
I think the most important indicator is how you feel. If the new you has more energy, is able to handle stress, and enjoy life better, then you are on the right track. So after you read this, go to your bathroom, closet, or where ever you have your scale, and follow my little assistant’s lead…look at it, point to it, and call it a LIAR! Then, get back to your workout and nutrition plan, knowing that you are on the right track to a healthy and fit life.