It All Starts Here!

Would you be surprised to hear that my number one tip for successful weight loss has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition? Don’t get me wrong, both exercise and nutrition are extremely important. In fact, you cannot get far without a plan for both. However, everything starts with your attitude. Regardless of what fitness goal you set for yourself, if you don’t start with a positive mental attitude, you will not achieve it. Regardless of where you are physically at the moment, you have to love yourself first.The_Power_of_a_Positive_Attitude_1

Let’s face it, with our busy lifestyles, easy access to nutritionally weak foods, and fad diets around every corner, it’s easy to add unwanted pounds. But don’t let those extra pounds drag you into a depressed state of mind. Acknowledge where you are, how you got there, but know that you have the power within you, the self-motivation, and discipline to change your course. Visualize your fitness goal as if it’s already accomplished. Embrace that feeling and attitude so strongly, that your habits become that of the person you want to be. Surround yourself with people that lift you up, and ignore the haters. People with positive attitudes don’t moan, whine, or compliant. They face obstacles and challenges with enthusiasm and zeal. Know in your heart that the right attitude allows you to achieve anything…YOU GOT THIS!