I’m too busy to workout!

I’m too busy to workout! How many times have you heard this statement? Heck, you may have even said it yourself. Making fitness a priority in our lives is very difficult. Especially since we tend to lead very busy lives. Between our careers, school, family, and social lives, our health and fitness tends to fall by the wayside.

Set yourself up for success by following these simple steps.

1. Set realistic goals. If you want to succeed, you have to set specific, measurable and attainable goals. If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle, chances are you are not going to stick to an intense 6-day a week workout schedule. You must give yourself small achievable milestones. For example, begin with a brisk morning walk 2 to 3 times a week, then each following week, gradually increase your speed to a jog, or increase the distance you travel.

2. Pre-plan. Schedule your workouts in advance, and preferable the same time each day. Treat it like any other important appointment that should not be missed. Plan your meals in advance also. Plan to eat 5 to 6 healthy meals and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water though out the day. When shopping for groceries choose the healthy options. This will keep you from eating unhealthy foods because they won’t be around.

3. Track your results. Take before and after photos, weigh in periodically, and take body measurements using a tape measure or body fat testing caliper. Knowing where you started and enjoying those small victories along the way will pay off in the long run. Each pound or inch lost, dress or pants size reduced should be celebrated.

4. Find a health buddy. Accountability is a key factor in your quest to achieving a healthy lifestyle. When we buddy up with a friend, co-worker, or family member, taking the journey is much more pleasurable. Your workout buddy can give you that extra encouragement and motivation to stick with it. Remember, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. 5. Enlist the help of a professional. There are tons of great fitness books, programs and DVDs, local gyms, a personal trainers available to you. Tap into this wealth of information to get you started and on the right track. Having the aid of a professional will also help you make the best use of your time and maximize you results.

Let’s face it, we all live very busy lives. However, if we want to be more productive, increase our energy, prevent life threatening illnesses, and live longer, then we have to make time for proper exercise and nutrition. Not to mention the benefits of looking good as we take a stroll down our lovely beaches this summer.

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Commit to get fit!

What is the best time to exercise?

As a certified personal trainer and Independent Beachbody Coach, one of the questions clients ask me regularly is “When is the best time (of the day) to exercise?” Many times this question is asked in relationship to timing their meals, and/or maximizing their weight loss or fat-burning goals. My own personal preference is to get my cardio workout done first thing in the morning. This comes from years of being in the Marine Corps and getting up before sunrise for a good long session of PT. And although I have been off of active duty since 1999, I still have the habit of getting a good cardio routine in at the break of day. Over the years, this was further encouraged by some of the fitness myths out there that state doing a fasted cardio (cardio on an empty stomach) would accelerate the fat-burning process. When it comes to my resistance training, I prefer late afternoons and evenings since I feel much stronger during those times of day.

Let’s talk about how this question relates to the timing of meals, and more particular, the fasted cardio myth. A recent study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition Exercise and Metabolism (21:48-54, 2011), may have proven that the concept of fasted cardio is a misconception. In the study “They compared the effect on oxygen consumption (VO2) and substrate utilization, estimated by the respiratory-exchange ratio (RER), in 8 healthy young men who performed the same moderate-intensity training session (36 min of cardiovascular training on treadmill at 65% maximum heart rate) in the morning in 2 tests in random sequence: FST test (fasting condition) without any food intake or FED test (feeding condition) after breakfast. In both cases, the same total amount and quality of food was assumed in the 24 hr after the training session. The breakfast, per se, increased both VO2 and RER significantly (4.21 vs. 3.74 and 0.96 vs. 0.84, respectively). Twelve hours after the training session, VO2 was still higher in the FED test, whereas RER was significantly lower in the FED test, indicating greater lipid utilization. The difference was still significant 24 hr after exercise.” What does this mean? The conclusion was “…that when moderate endurance exercise is done to lose body fat, fasting before exercise DOES NOT enhance lipid utilization; rather, physical activity after a light meal is advisable.”

Another factor to consider is the busy lives we lead. Between work, family, and social events scheduling your workouts is a must for successfully reaching your fitness goals. So the bottom-line, and my answer to the often asked question of “when should I exercise?” is simple…the best time to exercise is whenever YOU CAN DO IT. So put it in your daily plan and stick with it.

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